Blogs/Discussion Boards for PD

What is a Blog?

Commoncraft Video about Blogs
Communication from one person with the opportunity for others to comment
Elaine's blog

What is a Discussion Board?

Moodle has a discussion board called a forum.
All users participate.
More focused on topics for discussion

How do they contribute to Professional Development experiences?

Use them to reach teachers.
Set up a Ning - 120ish teachers logged on.
Forums are used by both teachers and facilitators.
Use blogs to link to instructional videos.
Use a blog/discussion to inject humor.
Are you posing questions in the blog/discussion to elicit responses?
Use blogs/discussions to give feedback.
Some visitors to the blog/discussion read and others "lurk."
They are the most popular 2.0 technology in education.
Lots of different nings to see.
Kirkwood - focused on some professional aspect.
A good use is for curriculum evaluation discussion.
Think of it as a "walled garden."
Who is the administrator for the Ning?
Classroom 2.0 Steve Hargadon
Blogging is a feature in the Ning.
Blog to post reflections.
The discussion forum is more back and forth.
As an Instructional Tech Dept, do you blog/discussion individually or together?
Can be used by curriculum and instruction departments.
How do you promote a single tool for use by teachers in your district? Do we want to control it? Does it die a natural death?
TIS Blog
What is the purpose of the thing?
Use it a a daily work journal as a summary of the day.
Curriculum coordinator has a blog.

How could they contribute to Professional Development experiences?

Powerful if used by an ITS group.
Train teachers to use these tools as a follow up - so that training is not a one shot deal, but instead more ongoing.
Active after the PD.
Seems to be more discussions than blogs.
Is a avenue for good reflection.
Do we require it as part of PD?
Offering online course to develop the k-12 technology curriculum.

Sites for Blogs and Discussion Boards for Professional Development

What is a good tool to create a discussion? Is there such a thing?
Ning, SharePoint, and Moodle are some of the tools used by us.