Educational Technology Association (ETA) Award

Since 1981, the ETA AWARD has been awarded annually for major contributions to technology and/or media programs for metropolitan Saint Louis area school districts. Nominees (individuals or organizations) do NOT need to be members of ETA.


2016-2017: Innovative Technology Education Fund (ITEF)
2015-2016: eMints National Center
2014-2015: Drew McAllister, St. John Vianney HS
2013-2014: Megan Moncure, Education Plus
2012-2013: Challenger Learning Center (Tasmyn Front)
2011-12: Bill Bass, Parkway School District
2010-11: Ruth Block, Cooperating School Districts
2009-10: CSD Virtual Learning Center
2008-09: Kansas City Audio/Visual (Jerry Bernard)
2007-08: MOREnet (Eric Nicklas)
2006-07: The Boeing Company (Randy Maier)
2005-06: Discovery Education
2004-05: CableTEC
2003-04: (no award given)
2002-03: (no award given)
2001-02: (no award given)
2000-01: (no award given)
1999-00: Dennis Lea
1998-99: Lee Wynn
1997-98: (no award given)
1996-97: Deborah Holmes
1995-96: Barbara Davis
1994-95: (no award given)
1993-94: (no award given)
1992-93: (no award given)
1991-92: (no award given)
1990-91: (no award given)
1989-90: (no award given)
1988-89: (no award given)
1987-88: Earl Hobbs
1986-87: Charles McKenna
1985-86: Glenn Sweet
1984-85: Rod McArthur
1983-84: Robert Elsea
1982-83: Stella Farley
1981-82: Charles Johnston
1980-81: James White
Nomination Procedure

1. Nominations of recipients and voting for nominees are limited to members of ETA.
2. Nominations are to be made in writing, with sufficient clarity to describe the achievements and/or contributions of the nominee. Nominations must be received by the ETA Secretary no later than the end of they day on March 15.
3. Ballots will be distributed to ETA members by email no later than April 1.
4. Deadline for voting will be April 14.
5. Presentation of the award(s) will take place in the Spring at the Annual Meeting in May.